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  • Yuki Murata


Murata Yuki Solo Exhibition


 This exhibition is the final chapter of a series of solo exhibitions organized by sculptor Murata Yuki at three spaces: Nishida Museum of Art, Toyama Glass Museum, and Gallery Muryow.

Outline of the exhibition

 Sculptor Murata Yuki was born in Toyama Prefecture and is the grandson of a sculptor of Takaoka lacquerware.

With the world of traditional craftsmanship and the Internet of the zeroes as his original landscape, he has gained a unique insight into the methodologies and codes unique to the culture of woodcarving.

With the world of traditional craftsmanship and the Internet of the zeroes as his original landscape, he has gained deep insight into the methodology and codes unique to woodcarving culture from his inimitable perspective.

 Inspired by the work of his grandfather, who studied the triangular chisel and skillfully used line carving, Murata conceived the idea of putting Sculpture (Skelh) and Scribe (Skreybh) next to each other, and organized a trilogy of solo exhibitions, "SCRIBE," in his native Toyama.

 The final chapter, "CIRCUM-SCRIBE.

 Under the theme of "Circumscribe," which means "to restrict, to enclose with lines, to draw a geometric figure around another figure so that the two are in contact but do not intersect", Murata will hold his long-awaited solo exhibition at Gallery Muryow in May 2021.

 The exhibition will reflect the great transformation of society, information media, and the relationship between humans and space, and will conclude the series of solo exhibitions with an updated version of the original scenario.

 The new wood sculptures are based on the structural analysis of Dürer's solid that was examined in the collaborative research of Mr. Sato Ikuro, a mathematician, and Mr. Nakagawa Hiroshi, a woodworker, and the exhibition "Homage Takiguchi Shuzo" by Ms. Enomoto Kazuko, a painter. Besides, there will be an installation consisting of video recordings and photographs of performances. A prequel to Chapter 2 "DE-SCRIBE," an adaptation of Chapter 2.1 "A-SCRIBE," and "Arbitrary Attribute," a work exhibited at the Taro Award for Contemporary Art, will be shown.

Also, "CIRCUM-SCRIBE", the answer version of the highly difficult problem "IN-SCRIBE" presented in Chapter 1 "IN-SCRIBE", will be shown in this exhibition. The artist will explain the problem in an artist's talk.

 Don't miss the grand finale where all the complex factors presented in the series so far resonate.



Sat. 1 May 2021 - Mon. 31 May 2021

10:00-12:00, 13:00-17:00 (Last Term 16:00)

Close Tue-Thu(Open 4 May)

Special Talk 1 May 15:30-

Closing Act 30 May 15:30-


Gallery Muryow

233 Shimeno, Shogawa-machi, Tonami-shi, Toyama 932-0315


Reservation required

Entrance ¥0

Special Talk ¥1000, High school students and younger ¥0

Closing Act ¥0





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