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  • Yuki Murata


さて、今回の村田勇気個展「IN-SCRIBE」の中で、これは自身最高傑作ではないか?という作品があります。  しかしながらほとんどの人にとっては遠方となる地方の会場においてしか見られない状況ですので、やはりより多くの人に作品を鑑賞(参加)して戴きたいと思い、この場を借りて公開したいと思います。

IN-SCRIBE 2020 問題用紙

まず、「記す、内接する」意味を持つ「Inscribe」なる語彙が、カービングの基本思考と共鳴している、というコンセプトを掲げた今回の個展において発表されたものである、これこそが本作の前提にあります。  解答(参加)者はこの問題に取り組み、空欄に「記し」、グリッドに任意の文字を「内接」させるでしょう。  ──私はこれを「彫刻」と捉えます。

 問題には明快な正答があり、その解答そのものが私の「Inscribe観」、「彫刻観」を象徴するものとなります。  そして正答にも、ミスリードで設定している分岐先の誤答にも、それぞれ西洋哲学のテキストが対応しています。  ハイレンジIQテストのフォーマットを借りた問題が作品として美術館に展示されることは、知る限りおそらく初であろうと思います。日本人で正解できるのは100人程度か、というぐらいの難易度設定に拵えてあります。  ぜひ、フラストレーションとカタルシスをご堪能ください。


解答編の作品「CIRCUM-SCRIBE」は、個展第三章「CIRCUM-SCRIBE」(ギャラリー無量4/17-5/17)を以って発表、4/18 14:00トークイベントにて問題解説を行う予定でしたが、新型コロナウイルス感染拡大に伴う緊急事態宣言を鑑み無期延期とします。個展の再開をお待ちいただき、引き続きお考えください。





Alright, in this solo exhibition "IN-SCRIBE", There is a work that seems to be my best masterpiece. Since most people can only see it at a local venue far away, I would like to have more people appreciate and participate in the work, and I would like to borrow this place and release it .

IN-SCRIBE 2020 Question paper

First of all, this work was announced in this exhibition where the concept of "write words", "draw within a figure" resonates with the basic thinking of carving. It is on the premise.Answerers (participants) will tackle this problem and will "write" in the blanks and "draw within a figure(grid)" any character. ──I consider this a "sculpture."

There are clear answers to the questions, and the answers themselves symbolize my "view of Inscribe" and "view of sculpture." Western philosophy texts correspond to both correct answers and Mislead. I think it's probably the first time that a problem that borrows the high-range IQ test format will be displayed as a work in a museum as far as I know.The difficulty setting is set so that only about 1/1000000 can answer correctly. Please enjoy the frustration and catharsis.

Please send your answer to me in a message or email without leaking it to others.

The answer work "CIRCUM-SCRIBE" will be announced with the third exhibition "CIRCUM-SCRIBE" (in Gallery Muryow 17 April - 17 May), and I will do a description of the problem at the 14:00 talk event on 18 April...

However, in light of the declaration of a state of emergency ASCRIBE to the spread of the COVID-19, it has been postponed indefinitely. Please wait for the solo exhibition to resume and continue to think about the question.  On the other hand, as of April 17th, when the exhibition was supposed to start, the installation of the answer version "CIRCUM-SCRIBE" has already been completed in a place at the venue "where no one knows".  The solo exhibition "A-SCRIBE", Chapter 2.1, is being held at the same venue at the same time and at the same time, and you can see the record of "Inside the PROSCRIBED venue" on this website. We hope you will enjoy it.


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