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 The vocabulary of "Inscribe" resonates with the basic thought of carving. This is the concept of this exhibition. The premise of this work is that it was presented in a solo exhibition based on such a concept.
 The answerer (participant) would take the question, which mimics the format of a high-range IQ test, and "inscribe" the blanks and "(another meaning of) inscribe" arbitrary character in the grid. The artist considers this to be a "sculpture" and the question has a clear correct answer, which itself symbolizes the artist's "view of sculpture".
 On the other hand, the difficulty level of this question, which is extremely limited in terms of the audience that can answer it, lacks public interest.
 In terms of the structure of the question and the need for special education and expertise, the decision to tackle this question and the "unpleasantness" that may be felt will be similar to the reaction of the general public to contemporary art.
 The answers to these questions will be presented as the work "CIRCUM-SCRIBE" in the third chapter of the solo exhibition "CIRCUM-SCRIBE".


 解答は "決して他者に漏らさず" 、メッセージやメール等で村田勇気までお寄せください。

 解答編の作品「CIRCUM-SCRIBE」は、個展第三章「CIRCUM-SCRIBE」(ギャラリー無量4/17-5/17 2020)を以って発表、4/18 14:00トークイベントにて問題解説を行う予定でしたが、新型コロナウイルス感染拡大に伴う緊急事態宣言を鑑み無期延期とします。個展の再開をお待ちいただき、引き続きお考えください。

 一方、封切られるはずだった4/17日時点より、会場の "誰にもわからない場所" に、既に解答編「CIRCUM-SCRIBE」の設置が完了しております。




 Please send your answer to me in a message or email without leaking it to others.

 The answer work "CIRCUM-SCRIBE" will be announced with the third exhibition "CIRCUM-SCRIBE" (in Gallery Muryow 17 April - 17 May 2020), and I will do a description of the problem at the 14:00 talk event on 18 April...

However, in light of the declaration of a state of emergency ASCRIBE to the spread of the COVID-19, it has been postponed indefinitely. Please wait for the solo exhibition to resume and continue to think about the question.

 On the other hand, as of April 17th, when the exhibition was supposed to start, the installation of the answer version "CIRCUM-SCRIBE" has already been completed in a place at the venue "where no one knows".


 The solo exhibition "A-SCRIBE", Chapter 2.1, is being held at the same venue at the same time and at the same time, and you can see the record of "Inside the PROSCRIBED venue" on this website. We hope you will enjoy it.

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